An introduction to the luscious world of Noah’s Heart


The mobile platform is full of open-world RPGs. It’s a competitive scene, with each game vying for the attention of gamers worldwide. Well, if you’re an RPG fanatic, you’d best prepare yourself to dive into Noah’s Heart, an RPG by Archosaur games, and it’s especially great if you enjoy titles such as Genshin Impact.

While we won’t dive too deep, and have every intention of avoiding spoilers, it’s only right to give you an introduction to Noah’s Heart. We aim to let you know exactly what you can expect from the game, and what it offers you. First up, as with most RPGs, you can create your own character, and it’s fair to say that the development team is keen for you to find your own identity in this world with the amount of customization on offer.

Not only do you get to determine how your hero looks, but also the approach they take to combat, and we all know how important it is to choose the right approach, and the team at Archosaur has made sure to cater to all players, by giving you classes that allow you to keep your distance, get up close and personal, or combine the two if you like to switch it up.

When it comes to combat, there’s more to Noah’s Heart than merely pressing a button to use your weapon, as each class has access to numerous abilities, and these are crucial when it comes to certain encounters. Crowd control is important – just swinging a sword or shooting arrows isn’t going to cut it. Naturally, there’s a wide range of weapons and gear out there to help you, and the more experience you get, the stronger you are.

Noah's Heart introduction summoned character

However, you don’t have to face your foes alone, as there are plenty of characters that want to help you on your journey. As members of your party, these heroes get deep into the action, and each of them has a skill that you can command them to use – these are devastating, but do take time to regenerate, so it’s important to consider your options, and when the time is right to use them.

Like other gacha-based RPGs, you can pull characters from banners in the summon section. As for NPCs, there are numerous people that you encounter throughout the land, many of which have quests for you to complete. What you need to do varies, which does ensure you always have something new to do in this world.

The world of Noah’s Heart is huge, and it begs you to explore it with its luscious landscapes. Luckily for you, the world is full of content, and there are plenty of ways for you to navigate the world, including on horseback, and through the use of a rather great looking vehicles – teleportation, a rocket pack, and aerial vehicles are also available, so you can see Noah’s Heart from above the clouds.

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When it comes to the different types of content available in-game, you can complete a variety of challenges through the adventure section, which is full of different tasks, one such mission asks you to defeat a powerful foe, and should you succeed, the rewards are fantastic – these are sure to help you on your journey.

Also in the adventure section is the arena, and this is the place to be if you enjoy a little PvP, and want to test your merit in combat. However, to take part in the different offerings of the arena, you must be at a certain level. For example, the fantasy arena opens at level 22, while the ultimate operation option isn’t available until you reach level 40.

The final part of the adventure section is exploration, which is pretty self-explanatory, as you get to select an area to explore. Once you choose where to go, you get an area mission to complete, an encounter, and finally, a world boss. However, once again, the level you are determined what’s open to you, with the world boss not being available until you reach level 40 – just one more reason to leave your mark on this world as you work to become more powerful.

Noah's Heart introduction, a character on horseback

Besides the adventure features, you, of course, have Noah’s Heart’s story to work through, which takes you all over the world. There are plenty of main quests for you to complete, but should you find yourself too weak to complete them, the side content is a great way of giving you a level boost. Furthermore, you can select to have your character make their own way to the next story mission – a real time saver if you’re keen to just get on with things.

Ultimately, the world of Noah’s Heart is designed to offer you plenty of engaging content, and its RPG elements are sure to please any fan of the genre. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, explore the world, and begin on a fantastical adventure that’s full of colorful characters.

If Noah’s Heart sounds like the game for you, make sure you visit this link to pre-register, and discover even more about the game, head over to the official website.