Clouds Gardens floats onto Nintendo Switch “very soon”


It looks like we finally have some news on the Cloud Gardens release date for Nintendo Switch. We’ve had our eye on this serene garden simulation game for a while. It hit Steam some time ago and looks like just the refreshing and relaxing title to spend a cozy evening with.

From developer Coatsink, Cloud Gardens is filled with environmental puzzles, but also lets you stretch your creative muscles as you preen your perfect post-apocalyptic paradise. So, when is the Cloud Gardens release date for Nintendo Switch? Sadly we haven’t got much to go on right now, but Coatsink tweeted the announcementsaying that the title will release “very soon”.

With a bit of luck, we think this could make a great shadow drop after an Indie World presentation, or potentially Cloud Gardens could turn up during Nintendo’s summer conference, which we assume will still take place during the time E3 was meant to be held. Nintendo’s schedule for the second part of 2022 is still a mystery, so we’re due a couple of announcements soon.

Watch the lovely trailer below to get a glimpse at the chill vibes of Cloud Gardens, and get excited to trim your hedge very soon.

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When is the Cloud Gardens Nintendo Switch release date?

There’s no concrete date for Cloud Gardens, but the developer tweeted the announcement saying the title will arrive “very soon”, while the Youtube description for the trailer says “Grow your own garden on Nintendo Switch this May.” We expect to be fussing over our virtual plants in Cloud Gardens within the next few weeks.

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