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Coin master link 05.10.2019

Coin master free spin 05.10.2019

Completing card collections

Completing Card Collections is a great way to earn Spins!

Each completed Collection rewards players with spins and other great gifts as well – including Pets! The rarer the Collection of Cards, the bigger the reward!

When it comes to finding new Cards, the village you are in determines the cards you will receive from chests and their rarity as well. 

Please note that Gold Cards can be found in higher Villages than you will find the rest of the cards.

You can also trade normal Cards with your friends at any time and Gold Cards during special Gold Card Trading events. 

Friend invite limit

There is a limit on the number of rewards that a single player can receive from friends who have joined the game. Once a player has collected Spins from 250 friends who joined the game, they will no longer be able to receive such rewards. 

There are still many great ways to earn spins in the game, however. You can gift each of your friends 1 spin each day and they can do the same for you! Gifting a spin doesn’t use any of your spins, so with the right group of friends you can send and receive up to 50 free spins each time!

On top of that, there are many different raffles, contests, and giveaways hosted on our social media pages which you can participate in to win spins and other incredible rewards!

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