Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list and reroll guide


Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play RPG-come-Kingdom builder available on iOS and Android. In order to build your dream kingdom though, you need to assemble a team of cookies who will join you on your sweet, sweet adventure. For this, it’s worth knowing which cookies are the tastiest, and by tastiest, we mean top-tier, wonderfully skilled, immensely powerful cookies that will help you secure victory.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is what’s known as a gacha game, which basically means it has a mechanic similar to those toy machines where you pop a coin in and a toy comes out. This acts as a roulette, picking cookies at random, but you’re in charge of selecting your best and bravest ones for your Cookie Run: Kingdom line-up.

For this, we’ve put together a Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list showing you which are the best cookies and thus increasing your chances of success within the game. We’ve also outlined how to perform a Cookie Run: Kingdom reroll, that’ll mean you can gacha ‘til you gotcha self the best cookie.

First up, let’s get into our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list.

A gingerbread preparing for battle

Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list

Tier Cookie Run: Kingdom character
S+ Frost Queen, Sea Fairy, Pure Vanilla, Strawberry Crepe, Cotton, Dark Cacao
S Hollyberry, Moon Rabbit, Pumpkin Pie, Black Raisin, Sorbet Shark, Espresso, Dark Choco, Latte
A Twizzly Gummy, Licorice, Milk, Cocoa, Vampire, Pomegranate, Herb, Red Velvet, Mango, Lilac, Pastry, Mint Choco, Raspberry, Choco, Squid Ink, Rye, Dark Choco, Almond, Tiger Lily
B Mala Sauce, Custard Cookie III, Princess, Poison Mushroom, Sparkling, Cherry, Avocado, Adventurer, Fig, Madeleine, Parfait, Snow Sugar
C Tails, Kumiho, Carrot, Purple Yam, Chili Pepper, Onion, Devil, Cream Puff
D GingerBrave, Angel, Gumball, Pancake, Blackberry, Knight, Werewolf, Strawberry, Beet, Muscle, Wizard, Clover, Ninja, Alchemist

How do I perform a Cookie Run: Kingdom reroll?

Here’s everything you need to know about performing a reroll in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

It takes some time and it’s a little tricky

  • Start the game using a guest account
  • Play up to Cookie Run: Kingdom level three
  • Redeem any currently valid coupon codes
  • Now it’s time to summon your cookie and hope for one of our tier S/S+ cookies
  • If you have good luck, keep playing, don’t worry about the next steps. If you’re unlucky, continue below
  • Log out of the app through Menu > Settings > Info
  • Start the process all over again

That’s it for our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list and reroll guide. If you’re looking for more, why not check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes? Or, take a look at our list of the best gacha games available on iOS and Android right now.


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