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The upcoming ink-filled shooter Splatoon 3 is bound to be full of weapons. Its predecessors have seemingly no end to wild and imaginative riffs on traditional guns. There are paint rollers and big brushes, then the more traditional snipers, shotguns (that are also umbrellas!), and a whole lot more. It looks like Splatoon 3 weapons are only going to build on that.

We already caught a glimpse at Tri-Stinger (fka Splat Bow), a sort of bow and arrow weapon, in the first announcement trailer. Since then, Nintendo has revealed various snippets of info about the world, lore, and gameplay. Throughout, I’ve kept a keen eye on everything, trying to get even the slightest glimpse at the new Splatoon 3 weapons.

And I’ve seen a few, but there’s sure to be more, so check back here nearer to the Splatoon 3 release date to be up to date. We’ve also got a feature on the Splatoon 3 soundtrack if you wanna get groovin’, or, if you’re more of the practical type, check out our Splatoon 3 pre-order guide to make sure it’s on your doorstep as soon as possible.

Anyway, let’s get our ink on…

New Splatoon 3 weapons

The main character holding a Splatoon 3 weapon, the Sri-Stinger, while looking over a ledge.

Tri Stinger

The headline Splatoon 3 weapon, featured in the original announcement trailer, the Tri-Stinger is a stinger type weapon. As Nintendo announced in this tweet“the weapon can fire in three directions simultaneously and unleash charged shots that briefly freeze before exploding.”

A new Splatoon 3 weapon, the Trizooka, a massive weapon with three ink stores.


During a big breakdown in September last year, Nintendo revealed lots of information about new features, as well as this new Splatoon 3 weapon. They describe it as a “modified version of a special weapon once popular in Inkopolis” which “has a powerful shot that fires three blasts at once and can be fired three times in total each use”. The weapon “once popular in Inkopolis” is the Inkzooka from the first Splatoon game.

A new Splatoon 3 weapon, the Killer Wail 2.0, which has multiple floating speaker cups, behind a Splatoon character with a Slosher.

Killer Wail 5.1

As Nintendo also revealed in the big breakdown last year, the Killer Wail 5.1 is another modification of a special weapon, the Killer Wail, from the first Splatoon. Nintendo detailed the six floating megaphones which move “autonomously and attack with lasers that chase enemies”.

A Splatoon character in a new Splatoon 3 weapon, the crab tank, a mechanical crab shaped vehicle.

crab tank

As revealed on Nintendo of America’s Twitter, the Crab Tank is a new special weapon “with a powerful rapid-fire gun and a cannon with a wide blast area”. In terms of movement, the Crab Tank “can also turn into a ball to move around faster than crab walking”.

The Big Bubbler, a Splatoon 3 weapon, that looks like a Roomba with an umbrella on top.  It is orange.


Another of the many early reveals, the BigBubbler is a new special Splatoon 3 weapon. Again, Nintendo says it’s “a modified version of a special weapon popular in Inkopolis” – this time it’s just a bigger, fixed version of the Bubbler from the first Splatoon, designed for protection.

Two Splatoon character coated in ink with a sort of balaclava shaped head.


One of the coolest new additions, the Zipcaster is a special weapon that acts like an explosive grappling hook. The special coats you in your ink, allowing you to stretch your arms and zip to walls, leaving a chaotic trail of ink and explosions at each destination. Sounds wacky.

The Ink Vac, a Splatoon 3 weapon, that looks like a leaf blower.

Ink Vac

Tea Ink Vac can suck in enemy ink (and stop it hitting you and your allies in the process) and then shoot it back at them. The more ink you get the larger the explosion. Seems like this will be slow and hard to use, but when you do get the chance to it should do big damage.

A Splatoon 3 character in three poses, one sat down, with a rucksack with a bottle full of ink strapped to it, holding a weapon.

Returning Splatoon weapons

Thanks to the keen eyes over at Inkipediawe’ve got a list of weapons that are confirmed to be returning too.

main weapons

  • .52 Gal
  • .96 Gal, Blaster
  • Clash Blaster
  • Classic Squiffer
  • Glooga Dualies
  • Gold Dynamo Roller
  • Hydra Splatling
  • Inkbrush
  • Octobrush
  • Range Blaster
  • Slosher
  • Sloshing Machine
  • Splash-o-matic
  • Splat Brella
  • Splat Load
  • Splat Roller
  • Splattershot
  • Splattershot Pro
  • Undercover Brella
  • E-liter Scope

sub weapons

  • Splat Bombs
  • Curling Bombs
  • Burst Bombs
  • Suction Bombs
  • Splash Walls

That’s all we’ve got for Splatoon 3 weapons, but we’ll keep adding them as we find them. For more Splatoon stuff check out our Splatoon amiibo, Splatoon 3 hairstyles, and Splatoon 3 idols guides to make sure you know absolutely everything.