Genshin Impact Xiao banner, build, and constellations


Genshin Impact update 1.3 brought with it the polearm-wielding, anemo character, Xiao. This character is one of the Adeptus tasked with guarding Liyue, and despite his youthful appearance, legends surrounding him have been documented in many ancient books. Xiao spends most of his time in seclusion at Wangshu Inn, indulging in Almond Tofu.

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive this character from a wish and need some more information, we’ve compiled some details on his weapons, skills, constellations, and ascension. Our Genshin Impact Xiao build guide will be updated over time to include the best weapons and artifacts after any updates or balance changes, so keep this page bookmarked.

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Genshin Impact Xiao guide

When is the next Xiao banner?

You can pick Xiao up by wishing on Invitation to Mundane Life from May 31. Learn more about the next Genshin Impact banners in our handy dandy guide.

The best Genshin Impact Xiao build

Xiao is an amazing choice for a main DPS role. We’ve included weapons and artifacts that boost his attack even further and provided details on each of his skills. We recommend pairing him up with Genshin Impact’s Jean for some quick heals and increased movement speed.

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What’s Genshin Impact Xiao’s best weapon?

Our preferred weapon for Xiao is the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. However, as it’s a five-star weapon, it can be hard to get your hands on. The Blackcliff Pole is a suitable replacement until you’re lucky enough to receive the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear.

weapon Effect How to obtain
Primordial Jade Winged-Spear On hit, Xiao’s attack is increased by 3.2% for six seconds. Seven stacks max. Can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. While in possession of seven stacks, damage dealt is increased by 12% Gacha
Staff of Homa Xiao’s HP is increased by 20%, and he gains an attack bonus based on 0.8% of his max HP. When his HP falls below 50%, this attack bonus is increased by an additional 1% of max HP Gacha
Blackcliff Pole Xiao’s attack is increased by 12% for 30 seconds after defeating an enemy. A maximum of three stacks, the duration of each stack is independent Purchase from Paimon’s Bargains shop

What’s Genshin Impact Xiao’s best artifact set?

We recommend equipping a full set of Vermillion Hereafter, or two artifacts from Gladiator’s Finale and Viridescent Venerer to maximize Xiao’s damage output.

Artifact set Effect
Vermillion Hereafter Two equipped: Increases attack by 18%
Oven equipped:
After using an elemental burst, Xiao gains the Nascent Light effect, which increases his attack by 8% for 16 seconds. When his HP decreases, his attack increases by a further 10%. This can occur this way a maximum of four times and can be triggered once every 0.8 seconds. Nascent Light is dispelled when Xiao leaves the field. If Xiao uses an elemental burst again during the duration of Nascent Light, the original Nascent Light is dispelled.
Gladiator’s Finale Two equipped: Increases attack by 18%
Oven equipped: If the wielder of this set uses a sword, claymore, or polearm, their normal attack damage is increased by 35%
Viridescent Venerate Two equipped: 15% anemo damage bonus
Oven equipped: Swirl damage is increased by 60%. Your opponent’s elemental resistance to the element infused in the swirl is decreased by 40% for ten seconds

Alternate Artifacts

If you’re struggling to get the artifacts listed above, the berserker set is much easier to acquire, and makes for a good replacement set.

Artifact set Effect
Berserker Two equipped: +12% crit rate
Oven equipped: When Xiao’s HP falls below 70%, his crit rate increases by an additional 24%

Recommended stats and sub-stats

Main stats:

  • Attack% for Sands
  • Crit rate or crit damage for Circlet
  • Anemo% or attack% for goblet. Anemo% is almost always going to be the better choice here

Sub stats:

  • Crit rate and crit damage
  • attack%
  • energy recharge

Xiao scales off attack, crit rate, and crit damage, so they should always be your priority when it comes to sub-stats. Energy recharge isn’t as important to Xiao as it is to other characters, but his gameplay does rely on his elemental burst, so we recommending aiming for about 20-40% energy recharge through artifact sub-stats.

Genshin Impact's Xiao reaching out his hand

What are Genshin Impact Xiao’s skills?

Active skills:

skills Effect
Whirlwind Thrust Perform up to six strikes
Whirlwind Thrust (charged) Consume stamina to perform an upward thrust
Whirlwind Thrust (plunging) Trigger this move in mid-air to plunge downwards, causing AoE damage
Lemniscatic Wind Cycling Deals AoE anemo damage to enemies in his path, can be used in mid-air. Starts with two charges
Bane of All Evil Xiao dons the Yaksha Mask which has the following effects:

  • Greatly increases his jumping ability
  • Increases his attack AoE and damage
  • Converts attack damage into anemo damage

While wearing the mask, Xiao will continuously lose HP

Passive skills:

skills Effect
Evil Conqueror – Tamer of Demons (unlocked at ascension one) While under the effects of Bane of All Evil, all damage dealt by Xiao is increased by 5%. Damage increases by a further 5% every three seconds the ability is active. The maximum damage bonus is 25%.
Dissolution Eon – Heaven Fall (unlocked at ascension four) Lemniscatic Wind Cycling increases the damage of subsequent uses by 15%. This effect lasts for seven seconds. Maximum three stacks. Gaining a new stack refreshes the duration
Transcension – Gravity Defier (unlocked automatically) Decreases climbing stamina consumption for party members by 20%. Not stackable.

What are Genshin Impact Xiao’s constellations?

Constellation Effect
Disband Eon – Destroyer of Worlds Increases Lemniscatic Wind Cycling’s charges by one
Eon Annihilation – Blossom of Kaleidos When in the party but not on the field, energy recharge is increased by 25%
Evil Conqueror – Wrath Deity Increases the level of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling by three
Transcension – Extinction of Suffering When HP falls below 50%, Xiao gains a 100% defense Bonus
Eon Evolution – Origin of Ignorance Increases the level of Bane of All Evil by three
Evil Conqueror – Vigilant Yaksha While under the effects of Bane of All Evil, hitting at least 2 opponents with a plunging attack will grant Xiao one charge of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling and for the next one second, he may use Lemniscatic Wind Cycling while ignoring its cooldown

Xiao holding his mask against a white background

What are Genshin Impact Xiao’s ascension materials?

Make sure you collect a lot of Qingxin along the way, as you will need over 150 to fully ascend Xiao.

Required level More Materials
20 20,000 One Vayuda Turquoise Sliver, three Qingxin, three Firm Arrowhead
40 40,000 Three Vayuda Turquoise Fragment, two Hurricane Seeds, ten Qingxin, 15 Firm Arrowhead
50 60,000 Six Vayuda Turquoise Fragment, Four Hurricane Seeds, 20 Qingxin, 12 Sharp Arrowhead
60 80,000 Three Vayuda Turquoise Chunk, eight Hurricane Seeds, 30 Qingxin, 18 Sharp Arrowhead
70 100,000 Six Vayuda Turquoise Chunk, 12 Hurricane Seeds, 45 Qingxin, 12 Weathered Arrowhead
80 120,000 Six Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone, 20 Hurricane Seeds, 60 Qingxin, 24 Weathered Arrowhead

What is the best Genshin Impact Xiao team comp?

When picking a team for Xiao, we recommend picking one battery and two supports. Xiao is a hyper carry, and the rest of the team’s main aim is to ensure that he doesn’t die. The following are two examples of strong Xiao teams.

Genshin Impact’s Zhongli compliments Xiao well due to his shield being the strongest in the game. If you’re pairing Xiao up with Zhongli, we recommend adding another geo character to enable geo resonance, which increases Zhongli’s shield even further. Good choices include Genshin Impact’s Albedo, Genshin Impact’s Ningguang, and the Genshin Impact Traveler when aligned with Geo. The final spot should be given to a battery or healer, and they should preferably be anemo wielders. We recommend Genshin Impact’s Jean, Genshin Impact’s Sayu, or Genshin Impact’s Sucrose.

If you don’t have Zhongli, don’t worry – a Xiao double cryo team is also a great option. Teaming him up with Genshin Impact’s Diona provides heals and shields. Then add Genshin Impact’s Rosaria, Genshin Impact’s Ganyu, or Genshin Impact’s Qiqi to the mix along with one of the anemo battery/healers mentioned above. The double cryo resonance boosts Xiao’s crit rate against enemies affected by cryo, and an anemo support equipped with Viridescent Venrer offers some nice resistance shred.

There you have it! Those are all the basics you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Xiao. If you’re looking for more content like this, check out our Genshin Impact next banner and Genshin Impact Inazuma guides.