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Despite the idle genre being generally more chill than your average RPG, for titles like Idle Heroes, tier lists are still pretty handy. While your heroes may be happy to go out and slash down the opposition even when you’re not there to give them a helping thumb, it’s important to build a good team if you want them to bring home the metaphorical bacon on your behalf.

With our Idle Heroes tier list, we dive into the best heroes to pick for PVP and PVE content, as well as which ones perform the best in each class. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect priest or the most awesome assassin, you’re in the right place. Of course, keep in mind that tier lists are intended as guidelines only – if one of your favorite heroes falls into the D or E tiers, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them, they may just take a little more support to get the best results.

If you’re looking for more laid back battling, check out our list of the best idle games on mobile or the best gacha games. We also have an AFK Arena tier list, Grand Summoners tier list, Blue Archive tier list, and more, so you can gather an army of the strongest teams across a multitude of games.

Idle Heroes tier list

Below, we’ve ranked all the best heroes for PVP and PVE mode, to help you choose which units to invest in.

Idle Heroes tier list;  Idle Heroes characters enjoying a day at the beach

Idle Heroes PvP tier list

Tier Idle Heroes character
S Sword Flash Xia, Scarlet Queen Halora, Asmodel the Dauntless, Fairy Queen Vesa, Eloise, Star Wing Jahra, Andrea
HAS Holmes Young, Rogan, Drake, Ignis, Amen-Ra, Tix, Ithaqua, Carrie, Waldeck, Aida, Russell, The Sun Devourer Eos
B Sherlock, Fiona, Garuda, Karoos, Gustin, Onkirimaru, Phorcys, Valentino
VS Inosuke, Aspen, Penny, Natasha, Xia, Elyvia, Gloria, Annabelle, Xiahou
D Morax, Heart Watcher, Horus, Cthuga, Flora, Belrain, Michelle, Nakia, Unimax 3000, Cthugha
F Delacium, Faith Blade, Tara, Oberon, Saja, King Barton, Mihm, Amuvor, Jahra, Tussilago

Idle Heroes PvE tier list

Tier Idle Heroes character
S Sword Flash Xia, Scarlet Queen Halora, Fairy Queen Vesa, Eloise, Drake, Star Wing Jahra, Carrie, Delacium, Russell
HAS Holmes Young, Rogan, Asmodel the Dauntless, Ignis, Amen-Ra, Tix, Ithaqua, Inosuke, Andrea, Penny, Heart Watcher
B Fiona, Aspen, Garuda, Natasha, Morax, Horus, Kroos, Belrain
VS Sherlock, Waldeck, Aida, Xia, Ctuga, Elyvia, Gloria, Annabelle, Xiahous, Faith Blade, Flora, Unimax 3000
D Gustin, Onkirimaru, Phorcys
F Michelle, Nakia, Tara, Oberon, Valentino, Saja, King Barton, Mihm, Amuvor, Jahra, Tussilago

Idle Heroes tier list;  a priestess and a unicorn

Idle Heroes tier lists by class

If you’re looking for a hero to fill a specific role across any content, the class tier lists below should give you an idea of ​​which ones are worth the investment.

Idle Heroes assassin tier list

Tier Idle Heroes character
S Sword Flash Xia, Rogan, Drake
B Ithaqua, Natasha
VS Heart Watcher, Faith Blade, Saja
D Tussilago, Nakia, Xia, Amuvor

Idle Heroes mage tier list

Tier Idle Heroes character
S Star Wing Jahra, The Sun Devourer Eos, Holmes Young
HAS Tix, Eos
B Delacium, Aida
VS Gloria, Sherlock, Valentino, Phorcys
D Jahra, Oberon, Mihm

Idle Heroes priest tier list

Tier Idle Heroes character
S Fairy Queen Vesa, Ignis
HAS Andrea, Elyvia, Amen-Ra
B Fiona
VS Kroos, Annabelle, Gustin, Belrain

Idle Heroes ranger tier list

Tier Idle Heroes character
S Scarlet Queen Halora, Eloise
HAS Carrie, Waldeck, Inosuke
B Russell, Penny, Flora
VS Cthugha
D Michelle

Idle Heroes warrior tier list

Tier Idle Heroes character
S Lord of Fear Aspen, Asmodel the Dauntless, Xiahou
HAS Aspen
B Morax, Garuda
VS Horus, Unimax 3000, Onkirimaru
D Tara, King Barton

Idle Heroes tier list;  a character mid-battle

Is an Idle Heroes reroll worthwhile?

In short, Idle Heroes rerolls really aren’t worth it. Though you do get a five-star hero from your first three summons, five stars don’t always mean the unit is good. These units are from the normal banner, and most of them are considered fodder, only useful in the early phases of the game until you get some better pulls.

We recommend you simply play through the game normally, saving scrolls, orbs, and coins to complete events and pull on better banners. And, while you’re at it, be sure to head over to our Idle Heroes codes guide for some handy freebies.

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That’s it for our Idle Heroes tier list. If you’re looking for something fresh to play, check out our list of the best mobile games for a wider range of titles.