Meet your fellow trainers at the Pokémon Go Fest Berlin event


The long wait is nearly over for all you trainers out there, as Pokémon Go Fest events make a triumphant return this year, and Pokémon Go Fest Berlin is the first one in 2022. In case the name of the event doesn’t give it away , it takes place in Germany, and you’re welcome to take part as tickets are now on sale.

Before you jump aboard and spend your hard-earned cash, you probably want to know what the Pokemon Go Fest Berlin event entails, and we’re more than happy to divulge those details for you. First of all, you get to explore Britzer Garten, tackle field research tasks, and complete some event-exclusive special research – more than worth doing if you want to encounter Shaymin, an adorable mythical ‘mon.

Of course, no Pokémon Go event is complete without some debuts, and on this occasion, it’s Shiny Pansear and Shiny Foongus that venture into the location-based title for the first time. Furthermore, the event features four distinct habitats – two of which are only in Berlin – and each has its own challenges for you to complete.

When is the Pokémon Go Fest Berlin event?

Pokémon Go Fest Berlin takes place from July 1 to July 3, and tickets cost €24.99. However, you can get early access admission for €32.13. For more details on the event, visit Niantic’s official announcement.

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Other event-exclusive things you have to look forward to include up to six special trades, reduced stardust for all trades, trading posts where you can meet your fellow trainers, Pokémon Go Fest t-shirts are on sale, and you can meet creators – you might even be able to grab an autograph!

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