Nuverse unveils Marvel Snap and its closed beta


Oh snap, a new superhero mobile game is on the way, and you can sign up for the Marvel Snap closed beta right now if you simply can’t wait to dive into the new game from Nuverse and Second Dinner – we don’t blame you, anytime a new Marvel game hits the mobile scene it’s a cause for celebration.

Of course, before you do sign up for the Marvel Snap closed beta, it might help to know what the game entails. Well, as the name implies, it’s a collectable card game that features many of your favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel universe – more than 150 of them, to be more precise. However, it’s worth noting, we don’t have a Marvel Snap release date just yet.

Better yet, you don’t have to worry about making sure you’ve got some spare time before you dive into a match, as games only last three minutes, so there’s always time for you to dive in. But make sure to prepare yourself for some mind games, and put on your poker face to call some bluffs, as the ‘snap’ mechanic plays a vital role in the outcome of the match.

Furthermore, each match has three random locations, each of which features game-changing effects, and given there are 50 locations available, you need to be ready for anything.

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“Nuverse is committed to building a global community of connected gamers, bringing them fun experiences and inspiring gaming they won’t find anywhere else,” senior director of BD and partnerships for Snap Tom van Dam says. “With Marvel Snap, we worked hand-in-hand with the teams at developer Second Dinner and Marvel to create a unique, exciting card battler that we hope is a hit with players worldwide.”

Where can I sign up for the Marvel Snap closed beta?

To sign up for the Marvel Snap closed beta, you can visit the official website, but bear in mind that registration doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the test. Furthermore, it’s for Android users only.

“Marvel Snap is unlike any card battler ever made,” Second Dinner CDO Ben Brode says. “We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that the game is super deep for hardcore players, while remaining very approachable so everyone can jump in and have a blast. We’re stoked to partner with Nuverse so that we can reach millions of players with our first game.”

Marvel Snap release date speculation

We don’t have a Marvel Snap release date as of yet, but given the closed beta test is about to begin, it feels safe to assume that further information is coming over the next few months.

If you simply can’t wait for Marvel Snap, you can get your dose of superhero action from our Marvel games list.