Samsung flip phone price – how much is the Galaxy Z Flip?


With the release of the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung set a new standard for luxury technology. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware, with one continuous screen even though there’s a fold in the middle. It harks back to the classic flip phones of old, but holds onto all the lovely modern enhancements we need in this modern world.

But, there’s the matter of the Samsung flip phone price, which can give a nasty case of sticker shock. That’s how it goes, though – if you want something that’s super nice, it’s rare you can get it for cheap. So, read on to see our guide to see the price and some of our picks for the best Galaxy Z Flip deals.

Be sure to bookmark this page if you’re waiting for a price drop, as we’ll be sure to let you know. Inside the basic Galaxy Z Flip, there’s a 2.9GHz processor, eight gigabytes of RAM, and a gorgeous 1080 by 2383 AMOLED screen to see all that power. If you’re picking one up and want to test it out, check out our guide to the best mobile games to push it to its limits.

Now, here’s everything you need to know about the prices of all the Samsung flip phones.

Samsung flip phone price

A Samsung flip phone on a desk next to some headphones, a laptop, and some keys.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 price?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip starts at $999/£949 for 128GB storage, but you can double that for $1049/£999 to get 256GB. That’s regularly discounted, with the lowest I’ve found being $749 in the US or £632 in the UK.

A picture of the Galaxy Z Fold on it's side, half-folded.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 price?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 starts at $1,799/£1,599 for 256GB of storage, or double that to 512GB for $1,899/£1,699. The best prices I found were $1,499 in the US or £1,269 in the UK.

Where can I buy Samsung flip phones?

The Galaxy Z Flip and Fold are sold just about anywhere you’d normally buy your phone. Whether that’s through a carrier, via Amazon, or direct from Samsung themselves (although that’s not the best way to get a good deal). Check out our recommendations or do some hunting of your own and you’re sure to find a good deal.

That’s all the info we’ve got on the Samsung flip phone price. For some more tasty technology, check out our Asus ROG 5s review to see how a gaming-focused phone stands up to rigorous testing.


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