Witchbrook release date – when can we join wizarding school?


Witchbrook release date – when can we join wizarding school?

The whole world loves Stardew Valley, and other than loading up the title for another few hundred hours and starting our fifth farm, there’s one thing we’d love to do, and that is play a brand new game. Witchbrook comes from developer and publisher Chuckefish, who assisted in the development of Starfew Valley alongside Eric Barone.

Witchbrook mixes the life simulation elements we love with a hefty dose of magic, letting you enroll in wizarding school, learn spells, make friends, and even find a date for wizarding prom. While information is pretty thin on the ground right now, we know the developer is working hard. So, what do we know about the Witchbrook release date?

Chucklefish hasn’t given us much information to go on, simply saying it’s hard at work and Witchbrook will be available when it is ready. The developer wants to combat crunch and proudly believes that happy developers make better games. We’re inclined to agree, so while Witchbrook may be taking a little while to get here, it means it will likely be well worth the wait when it’s finally in our hands. You can check out the Witchbrook website for a few extra details.

When is the Witchbrook release date?

Witchbrook currently has no solid release date, but the developer is hard at work. We hope to update you with a date as soon as the information becomes available.

What systems will Witchbrook release on?

Again, we have nothing to go on here and are simply waiting for more information from the developers. If Stardew Valley is anything o go by though, expect this on most modern consoles, and definitely expect to be playing Witchbrook on your Nintendo Switch.

We really wish we had more information, but that’s all we have on Witchbrook for now. If you want to have a look at some games that we have a date for, be sure to check our list of the best upcoming Switch games to make the most of games in the coming months.